Team Building and Corporate Events

Team Building and Corporate Events


Tired of trust falls and watching your employees, co-workers or friends lead each other around blindfolded just to gain a little of that ever-coveted camaraderie?  Durham Spirits Co. says it's time to ditch the ropes course and really give your team something to talk about around the water cooler.  

Team Building

Our most popular and successful corporate event. Katie lead your group through the cooking, while inspiring, guiding and teaching along the way. Class topics and objectives are customized to meet your goals, schedule, and budget.


Client Entertaining

Close the deal over one of our small scale hands-on cooking classes, thank your client with a casual, or take the edge off of your next client meeting with a professionally prepared lunch or dinner in a warm and relaxing environment.



Turn Your Office Break Room into a Fun Room

Don't have time to get out of the office?  We can come to you and set up activities in your conference room, break room or company cafeteria.  Allow you employees to step away from their desks for a few minutes and do something fun! 

Networking and Convention Activities

Provide your clients with a fresh alternative to that same old restaurant and hotel routine. Engage them by not only wining and dining them, but by giving them an experience that will leave them remembering you.

Just wow! Thank you so much for such an awesome experience- the whole team loved it and my Director is planning to bring his wife for cooking lessons, which is a huge stamp of approval for a hard to please man!
We truly enjoyed the experience, the food, the casual environment, and the team building- it was amazingly fun, and something I’ll be recommending to others within Cisco, friends, and family
— from Cisco

Employee Incentive and Recruiting

Let your team know how much they matter by celebrating them in a warm and engaging environment filled with food, wine, and fun, with a pinch of education added to the mix.

Holiday Events

Not interested in cleaning your house for the annual holiday party? We can accommodate your office for the most engaging and successful holiday party your company has ever seen.

Meetings, Seminars, Training, and Presentations

Our cooking classes are a great, hands-on way for your group to get to know each other better in a casual environment, while enjoying themselves and learning a little something about food and drink.  

Watch your team transform overnight into the productive, cooperative machine you've been pushing them to be.  

Contact Katie for details! 

Everyone had a great time and is still the talk of the office this morning. Every aspect of our event was perfect and you and your staff are impeccable. We will be in touch soon with more outings at your AMAZING company. Thanks, Shannon
— from Bioventus Global