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Time to get ready for summer with New recipes!


August 28th, 6-8 pm: Ethiopian cuisine is one of the world’s best kept secrets. It is a spicy mix of vegetable and lentil stews and slow-simmered meats. Ethiopia is known as “The land of bread and honey” and has a wide and wonderful choice of recipes from its diverse cultural mix of people and languages. In this class, we will show you why this food is some of the best (and hottest!*) on the globe! 

Menu includes: Injera Bread; Lamb Sambossas; Doro Wat: Ethiopian Chicken Stew; Mesir Wat: Creamy Red Lentils with Berbere; Shrio Wat: Spiced Chickpea Flour Dip; Gomen: Ethiopian Collards; Timatim: Ethiopian Tomato Salad; Alich'a: Root Vegetable Stew.

 Also check out Thai on September 18th!

Global Grilling

August 18th, 4-6 pm: Grilling is the most universal way of cooking!  Join us as we travel the world, one grill at a time! We are including the bold flavors of Jamaica; Argentina; India; and South Africa...Just to name a few! 

Menu Includes: South African Braai Broodjies: Grilled Sandwiches with Chutney; Mexican Grilled Corn with Sriracha Butter and Lime; Greek Grilled Stuffed Grape Leaves; Jamaican Jerk Chicken; Grilled Naan with Grilled Eggplant and Browned Butter Dip; Grilled Pineapple with Dulce de Leche.

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Couples’ Night OUt in Portugal

September 7th, 6-8 pm:  Portugal…often falling in the shadow of it’s big brother Spain, is a culinary hotspot...known for its port, bacaolo, and lamb. Join us as we prepare a three course meal inspired by this tiny country with a big heart. 

Menu includes: Bacalao Croquettes; Caldo Verde; Grilled Stuffed Lamb Chops with a Port Reduction Sauce; Espinacas con Pasas Y Piñones; Tomato Rice; Stewed Green Beans; Pasteis de Nata: Custard Cream Pastries.

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