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TRavel the world, one cuisine at a Time!


October 20th, 6-8  pm: Ethiopian cuisine is one of the world’s best kept secrets. It is a spicy mix of vegetable and lentil stews and slow-simmered meats. Ethiopia is known as “The land of bread and honey” and has a wide and wonderful choice of recipes from its diverse cultural mix of people and languages. In this class, we will show you why this food is some of the best (and hottest!*) on the globe! 

Menu includes: Injera Bread; Lamb Sambossas; Doro Wat: Ethiopian Chicken Stew; Mesir Wat: Creamy Red Lentils with Berbere; Shrio Wat: Spiced Chickpea Flour Dip; Gomen: Ethiopian Collards; Timatim: Ethiopian Tomato Salad; Alich'a: Root Vegetable Stew.

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Fall Soups and Stews

October 24th, 6-8 pm: Cooler weather is on the way. Time to curl up by the fire with a hearty stew. In this class we will make several soups and stews inspired by the cool weather and fall garden. 

Menu includes: Butternut Squash and Lentil Soup; Pumpkin and Pork Pozole;  Potato Soup with Mushrooms and Leeks; Southern Sausage and Collard Green Soup; Coconut Curry Beer Chicken Soup; Caramelized Apple and Onion Cornbread. 

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Global Noodles

October 14th, 1-3 pm: We are traveling the world, one bowl of noodles at a time! We are including a variety of flavors from China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and course Italy...Just to name a few! Join us as we learn traditional preparations and even make a few noodles from scratch!

Menu includes: Chinese DanDan Noodles; Korean Jap Chae; Italian Fresh Pasta with Ragu; Cold Ginger and Scallion Soba Noodle Salad; Thai Drunken Noodles; Spanish Catalan Fideuà.

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